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Jungle boys is a cannabis brand which breed and grow their own exotic strains. They’re exckusively based in California, USA.Talking of experienced and skillful cultivation instantly brings one name to mind,  and that’s Jungle Boys. If you are looking for premium quality cannabis seasoned with experience, this demand can only be filled by Jungle Boys. It is a collaborative brand led by Iván Vanorwick, who has 20 plus years of experience in harvesting cannabis, indoor and outdoor.

Jungle Boys Weed Strains and Pricing

The main reason behind this popularity of Jungle Boys is the quality of strain used. If you could get to see the entire cultivation process along with their lab, you would have never given it a second thought because it is just as amazing. Jungle Boys offers strains such as purple punch, Wedding cake, Ice cream Mints, to name a few. The most popular weed strains are Florida Kush, Cookies n Cream, and Kush Sorbet Live Rosin. This weeds company deserves full marks in uniqueness. Their motto is to find and cultivate the most uncommon strains in the country. And what’s even better is that they offer it to their consumers at amazingly reasonable prices.

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